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Update from Top Marques Monaco 2011

March/April has been action pact for the Ateliers deMonaco team, but has also been extremely exciting as we have had a tremendous amount of press coverage and exciting & enthusiastic reactions on our latest additions to the collection. We launched the Quantieme Perpetual Calendar with the EaZy-Adjust system during Basel, and we also had a little surprise during last week’s Top Marques luxury fair in our own backyard: The Grimaldi forum in Monaco.


Over 33,000 visitors crossed the threshold for the April 2011 show, up almost 10% on last year – no surprise with the quantity and caliber of exhibitors continuing to push the limits. This included ourselves, as we officially launched our entrance in the female high-end watch segment with La Sirene. Both the watch and the overwhelming positive reactions have been a surprise to many, including ourselves!

And like every year, The Prince went out of his way to catch up with the team, see the latest additions to the collection, including being the firs to officially admire the with  blue Topaz gemstone studded 18K white gold La Sirene.

We will keep you posted and will give you the inside scope when we have the official ceremony with the future Princess!

Baselworld 2011 – The wrap-up

This year Basel was very special for us and an un-believable positive and rewarding experience. Only the second year we are present, yet this time with a big display area in the Hall of inspiration together with our fellow Independent brands and importantly a full line-up of 21 watches, spanning 4 different collections and price points!

impression of the Basel exposition space

Basel was the official launch of our Perpetual Calendar with Eazy-Adjust system: no matter how long you have not worn your watch, with an easy click on the crown you can independently adjust date, day, week, month and time. The magnitude of the innovation did not go un-noticed as only after one day, the buzz of our Perpetual Calendar was going around in basel and many people visited our stand spontaneous, making our Basel hectic, sometimes chaotic, but above all very, very rewarding and exciting!

display revealing The Perpetual calendar EZ-adjust

With 4 people running the booth 24/7 we thought we were richly staffed yet there was not a lot of time for relaxation during the day….we did however manage to  make a picture of Pim and Manuel having a break! Are we becoming too soft… 🙂

the infamous technical driving force behind the brand – Manuel & Pim

Thanks to the team and all that helped us make Basel 2011 such a success. We look forward to an extremely exciting year ahead. Next up will be Top Marques (April 14-17 2011) – the super luxury car and watch show in the Grimaldi forum in Monaco. As always we use our Alma Mater to have some big news on the brand…..in the next couple of days we will give you the scope!




Pre-Baselworld 2011 press coverage

Since our announcement of the launch of our latest innovation – the Quatieme Perpetual Calendar with EaZy adjust system, we are getting a tremendous amount of press coverage. Most of them you will stumble over yourself as you go through the various information sources you use, but  the one from the watchlounge.com we are especially proud of, as from the very first moment of the inception of our brand, we have had great dialoques with the founder of this site Tom Mulraney: a true and passionate watch afficionada.


If you have not yet subscribed, register today as it is rapidly becoming the no-miss website for the watch passionistas….!!

Taking Basel by surprise….

After the launch of our Xtreme Precision Tourbillion and the in-house developed Minute Repeater, it is time to truly shock the world with our next generation of innovation in the high-end complications: A Quatième Perpetual Calendar with EZ-Adjust system.

Why innovating on this complication? If you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of a watch with a Perpetual Calendar complication, you also know that if you need to change any of the settings of your watch for whatever reason, this is a difficult and long process, and sometimes can even only be done in a watch ateliers. Would it be nice if we could simplify this high end complication to its essence, so whenever you need to change any setting, you can do this with a simple push and turn of the crown?

Our own in-house developed and patented Perpetual Calendar with EaZy adjust system – with one simple push on the crown you can change the function between time – date – day – week- month and year, and if you have found the mode you want to change, simply turn the crown and adjust. This innovation will make something very cumbersome, very manageable for even the most technically challenged – EZ! The QP-EZ will be made in a limited edition of 88 pieces, and will be made available in Titanium, 18K Rose- and White-gold, with recommended consumer prices starting as of an incredible € 26.800 for the

Titanium versions!

For high res pictures, pls see: http://ateliers-demonaco.com/press

Announcing new & exciting partnership in Asia!

We are extremely excited to announce a long term partnership between ATELIERS DEMONACO and E’COLLEZIONE in Singapore, a partner with more then 25 years luxury retail experience some of the most knowledgeable people out of the watch industry in Asia.

“From the very first moment we met each other, it was clear there was not only a great chemistry between us, but importantly a huge consistency in the mission and commitment to support brands to develop high-end quality and bespoke pieces that are genuine talk pieces”, as noted by Robert van Pappelendam, co-founder of ATELIERS DEMONACO.

Jeffrey Leong, founder of E’COLLEZIONE, was quickly to add: “These timepieces are created by highly skilled and creative individuals – we see that in ATELIERS DEMONACO’s team and look forward to a long term friendship and business relationship, providing the best for our clients “.

E’COLLEZIONE, is a high-end watch retailer @ the famous Orchard Road in Singapore who caters to collectors, celebrities and international tourists who appreciate unique, limited edition production timepieces as well as professional & personalized service.

Last but not least, Pim Koeslag, Master Horologier wrapped up with: “if we see the great communication and dialoque from the past few months on our product and innovation program, Jeffrey and team will be the perfect voice to represent the needs of the Singapore market in our team, and I am truly excited to start this long term collaboration”.


E’COLLEZIONE, Mandarin Gallery; 333A Orchard Road #01-14A, Singapore 238897

On line requests and questions: [email protected] or call on: +65 – 67373820


Ateliers deMonaco participates in Luxury program of the University of Monaco

As the great focal point of global luxury, it is not a surprise that the University in Monaco is the only in the world to offer an University program geared towards educating the future leaders of the luxury industry. “This unique program is designed to give recent graduates a leading edge in this highly competitive field” according to the University.

Grand Tourbillon Xtreme Precision Ronde d’Or – 18K Rose gold

In support of this programm, we hosted 27 students as well as Dr. Marika Taishoff – director of the MBA programm – and introduced them to our brand, commercial strategies as well as the complex production methods and hand craftsmanship required to produce just one single time piece.

“As a young Monaco based company committed to re-define some of the conventions in the high-end watch industry, it is exciting to participate in a program and engage in discussions with the next generation of leaders in luxury, in our own home territory! We are convinced that investing in building this knowledge hub will create a unique point of difference that will proof to be a driver of economic prosperity for Monaco and create a great pool of talent for Monaco based luxury companies” stated Pim Koeslag, Master Horloger of Ateliers deMonaco.

more then 100 hours hand finishing of all individual components, aiding understanding what being committed to “luxury” actually really means

After this promising start, we aim to further develop our cooperation with the International University of Monaco. We really hope our success story and our presentation serve as an inspiration and motivation for the students to follow their dreams and work hard to achieve their goals!


The next innovation……

About a year ago, we re-iterated our commitment to innovation, crisis or not. In Basel, we will launch the latest chapter of the Ateliers deMonaco innovation story….but for those die-hard fans and passionate supporters, we wanted to reveal a huge milestone we passed this weekend…after several proto-types, the first final movement was functioning!!! “I know it sounds funny, but it is always a very emotional moment to see something completely functional after several years of uncertainty if it will ever work…..giving birth is a painful but rewarding process” Pim Koeslag, Master Horlogier and the father of 2 young children smilingly admitted. For those of you that think you know what the next innovation is Pim has been working on for so long, please take a guess…as you came to expect from us, it is something never done before…. !!!



Wrapping up Monaco Yacht Show 2010

During this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, Ateliers deMonaco has had a very busy and fruitful week in de Port Palace Hotel, across from the Marina, the legendary Rock and its Princely Palace, in the heart of Monte Carlo.  The hotel not only has a stunning views over the Mediterranean sea, but is also housing the Michelin star awarded Mandarine restaurant with its large roof terrace with a breathtaking view on the harbor and its mega yachts. It is in this inspirational location we were fortunate enough to receive our guests and clients.

Ateliers deMonaco display in the Palace Port Hotel Monte Carlo
Ateliers deMonaco display in the Palace Port Hotel Monte Carlo
It was also great that Master Horlogier Pim Koeslag and Chief Engineer Manuel da Silva Matos had the opportunity to exchange some of our secret “recipes” with Chef Patrick Raingeard of the Mandarine. Just in case Michelin stars will ever be awarded to watches…..

Chef Patrick Raingeard in between Manuel & Pim
Chef Patrick Raingeard in between Manuel & Pim

Thanks to our friends at Edmiston for their help and cooperation and we hope we will further develop many activities in the future!

Manuel & Pim
Manuel & Pim

Ateliers deMonaco showcased during the Monaco Yacht show

Monaco 16 September 2010

During the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show, held September 22 – 25 in Port Hercules in the Principality of Monaco, Ateliers deMonaco will showcase its latest developments on the roof terras of the Port Palace Hotel upon invitation and in cooperation with Edminston & Company, the leading sales, charter and management company for super yachts.


“We are very excited by having our timepieces, and importantly some of our watchmakers, being displayed on the roof terras of the Port Palace Hotel and offering the opportunity to ask our watchmakers questions in person. As both of our companies have their founding roots right here in the Principality, it is wonderful to start this collaboration here in our own Alma Mater, also given this environment has inspired both of us to an unwavering commitment to deliver the very best in our respective fields. We do hope this will be the beginning of a lot more to come” according to Robert van Pappelendam, Initiator and co-founder of Ateliers deMonaco.

Edmiston & Company, a world leader in sales, charter and management of superyeachts, distinguishing the elite among the luxury yachts. Established in Monaco in 1996 and today with a team of 80 staff located in offices in Monaco, London and New York, Edmiston & Company represents the world’s finest yachts for sale or charter.

For more information, pls contact [email protected]