Baselworld 2017 – Ateliers deMonaco launches two new timepieces: La Sirène Diamant & La Sirène Rubis

In 2009, Ateliers deMonaco created La Sirène inspired by Princess Charlene of Monaco. This timepiece celebrated Ateliers deMonaco’s first entry in high jewellery segment. For the design of the dial, the brand used the King Protea pattern which is the national flower of South-Africa – home country of Princess Charlene. This first timepiece featured light blue topaz stones reminiscent of the colour of the princess’ eyes.

Eight years after the creation of this beautiful timepiece, and especially for Baselworld 2017, Ateliers deMonaco decided to enrich La Sirène collection with two new models: La Sirène Diamant & La Sirène Rubis.

La Sirène timepieces are powered by the in-house automatic dMc-700 calibre which is wound by a 22K solid gold rotor engraved with the shield of the Principality of Monaco. These watches have a power reserve of 42 hours and have a frequency of 28’800 beats per hour. Fully respecting the Ateliers deMonaco aesthetics, these calibres are housed in an 18K white gold case of 39mm diameter. As a final touch, the decorations of each components are executed with precision and passion.

La Sirène Diamant

Entirely decorated with G – Top Wesselton diamonds, the colour and the brightness of this timepiece resembles the purity of the woman’s soul. Shrouded in a case set with 297 diamonds, a bezel set with 300 diamonds and a crown set with 20 diamonds; it’s a pure marvel.

A delicate artwork was created on the 18K solid gold dial which is adorned with 120 diamonds set in a flower pattern. The centre dial features a white mother-of-pearl which reflects the light and makes the watch even more feminine.

When the first La Sirène Diamant watch was produced, our research & development team came up with the idea of creating something even more impressive: La Sirène Rubis.

La Sirène Rubis

Considered by many as the most powerful stone, it exudes energy, courage and love. Qualities emanating from every woman. Resilient and inspiring, ruby is the true colour of a women’s heart.

La Sirène Rubis is decorated with three different stones: the Ruby, the Sapphire and the Diamond, which give impression of a red rainbow. The bezel is set with 16 baguette cut rubies, 28 baguette cut sapphires and 2 baguette cut diamonds. Following the same colour shading, the dial embraces 24 rubies, 21 sapphires and 3 diamonds set in flower pattern. In order to highlight this masterpiece, the crown is decorated with one ruby and the strap is as red as the ruby stones.

Ateliers deMonaco is continuously thriving to create iconic timepieces that are derived from passion to challenge existing convention to leave a true legacy.


Ateliers deMonaco introduces a unique piece dedicated to the Wat Arun Temple in Thailand: The new Tourbillon – WAT ARUN

In celebration of the Loy Krathong festival, Ateliers deMonaco has created a new piece called the Tourbillon – WAT ARUN. This traditional “fête-des-lumières” is one of the most beautiful and famous events in Thailand. It is celebrated annually on the night of the twelfth lunar month. It celebrates the end of the rain season and honours the water spirits. People release shaped rafts made of banana leaf and decorated with candles and flowers, which then float onto the river.

This temple has been named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn. It is a representation of Mount Meru, the iconic representation of the center of the world in Buddhist Cosmology. In Thailand, there are over 31’200 Buddhist temples and the Wat Arun temple is the most famous one, thanks to its recognisable design. The design is very different from the other temples; it is partly made with tiny pieces of coloured glass and Chinese porcelain placed delicately into intricate patterns.

The dial of the Tourbillon Wat Arun required an extraordinary 200 hours of work. It is composed of 3 layers of solid 18K White gold, all applied by hand and a Tourbillon opening which naturally draws attention to this mechanical wonder. The most beautiful part is the hand-engraved dial showing the Wat Arun temple, as iconic as our unique timepieces. We can distinguish around the temple’s engraving the four-corner prang of Wat Arun, which house image of the guardian gods, Nayu, gods of the four direction.

The hand-engraved details give this watch its own personal touch and makes it a one of-a-kind creation. This has been realised by Bernad Ditzof, our master engraver, which skills are incomparable and make him one of the few people in the world that can master such dexterity and method.

This art-piece is cased-up in an 18 carats white gold polished case contrasting with the brushed white gold dial. The front and back are made of sapphire crystal exposing the finest details of the patented “eXtreme Precision 1 minute” tourbillon and its hand-engraved 22K solid gold rotor. This tourbillon movement is known to be the most precise tourbillon movement in the world with a tolerance between 0-2 seconds per 24 hours. The calibre is adorned with 29 jewels and a sapphire tourbillon bridge.

The timepiece is finished with a hand-stitched alligator leather strap and comes with an 18 carats white gold folding buckle. This watch is a timeless piece of art which will endure forever like the beauty of the Wat Arun temple.


Ateliers deMonaco Introduces New Timepieces to the Poinçon de Genève Collection

Ateliers deMonaco has obtained the Poinçon de Genève and entered the inner circle of the very few watchmaking houses that carry this certification. In order to express its deep-feel attachment to the watchmaking tradition, Ateliers deMonaco added a new model, limited to 18 pieces, to its Poinçon de Genève collection; available in 18K white and rose gold. With its beautiful sapphire dial, this timepiece is the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and technical refinement.

A watch bearing the Poinçon de Genève is not only an instrument to measure time; it is a work of art. To obtain this recognition, each watch component must be made with the utmost care and be finely decorated.
The hallmark is a symbol of exceptional aesthetic quality and guarantees that the purchased product is flawless and unique.

This timepiece with its pure and dynamic lines features a beautiful sapphire dial, which enables to see the perlage decoration on the movement. Its lozenge indexes and its hand applied roman indexes accentuate its elegance.

To power this timepiece, the watchmakers of Ateliers deMonaco have equipped it with the in-house and patented dMc-708 calibre featuring a 38- hour power reserve and driving central hour, minute and second hands. The ultra-thin characteristics of this calibre enabled the brand to encase it within a 9,2mm case. The sapphire crystal case back enables to admire the hand- decorated bridges adorned with a delicate Côtes de Genève finishing. To acquire the Poinçon de Genève, each movement from this limited edition, had to be assembled, adjusted and encased in our manufacture in the Canton of Geneva. In addition to this certification, this new timepiece also includes our patented “Freebeat” adjustment system. In a conventional regulation system, pins on both side of the hairspring are used to regulate how much it can wind and unwind hence regulating the speed of the balance wheel. By allowing the hairspring to bounce against these pins, in combination to gravity forces, the unfortunate side effect of these collisions is that it interferes with the precision of the movement itself.

Our newly patented “Freebeat” regulation system allows us to regulate the length of the hairspring with an adjustable crémaillère (straight bar with teeth on one edge, allowing it to be fixated at different length) obsoleting the need for the pins and thus avoiding the interference.

Finally, the watch is presented with a black or a brown hand-stitched alligator

Every watch stamped with the Poinçon de Genève comes with a certificate of origin, which includes a unique authentication key and QR code delivered by Timelab. These enable the purchaser to check the authenticity of the document and of the watch.

Ateliers deMonaco introduces the Admiral Chronographe Flyback – Saphir

The flyback function first appeared in 1936 and since then has become a favourite amongst pilots and sportsmen alike. Incredibly useful when timing short and fast races, the function allows its user to save valuable time while timing an event.

By pressing the flyback pusher once, the timing stops at the first interval and resets the hand to zero. The chronograph hand then starts again once the pusher is released.

In keeping with its aim to make complications work easier and better, Ateliers deMonaco’s patented Admiral Chronographe Flyback makes no exception and measures a succession of elapsed times while eliminating many superfluous repetitive operations.


The chronograph’s impressive mechanism is housed in an equally striking 18K rose or white gold envelope.

Aesthetically, the dial is probably the most exceptional feature of the timepiece, adding a true uniqueness from the very first glance.

Indeed, entirely made out of sapphire crystal – an iconic material for high luxury watches – Ateliers deMonaco makes a daring choice to enable people to admire the movement and details of the watch directly through the dial – a true gift for any watch aficionado.

Adorning this fine window into the chronograph’s heart, roman indexes have been skilfully applied to dress the dial as a timeless and refined touch.

Over 50 holes had to be delicately pierced into the surface in order to fix the diamond-cut and curved numerals, making the dial evermore exceptional.


Behind this precious exterior, the watch is powered by its own in-house Admiral Chronographe Flyback caliber with a direct “return to zero” mechanism, running at 28800 beats per hour and offering a 38-hour power reserve.

Embellished with 32 jewels, hand-decorated bridges and a 22K gold hand-engraved rotor, the timepiece’s core is as precious as its luxurious case.


Every element is fully polished and assembled by hand like a piece of art, hand-crafted to a standard of perfection.

The chronograph is mounted on a hand-stitched alligator leather strap with an

18K gold ardillon buckle to further enhance it classical elegance.


With its refined look, one can easily wear the Admiral Chronographe Flyback – Saphir on a daily basis, shifting swiftly from a polished business look to a stylish afterwork attire.  

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Ateliers deMonaco introduces five new pieces for ladies from the Ronde de Monte-Carlo Collection

Nowadays watches are more than mere time-givers, they can also be a luxurious piece of jewellery and most of all, a day-to-day accessory.

A watch can say a lot about its wearer – feminine, elegant or sporty, the object can give a subtle insight into the lifestyle and taste of the lady carrying it around her wrist.

In order to bring together the above styles and aiming to please women who enjoy both quality timepieces and a touch of sparkle, Ateliers deMonaco presents the Ronde de Monte-Carlo.


When it comes diamonds, precious stones and noble materials, women and watchmakers carry the same passion.

Ateliers deMonaco have created this collection to celebrate this shared fascination for luxury without sacrificing practicality, enabling ladies to find a watch to fit one’s lifestyle.


The Ronde de Monte-Carlo was born in Monaco, the utmost symbol of nobility.

Monte-Carlo being the most well-known and prestigious part of Monaco, hundreds of special events such as the Grand prix de Monaco, the Rally de Monte-Carlo or the Ballet de Monte-Carlo are hosted there each year.

Inspired by this opulent neighbourhood, Ateliers deMonaco decided to gift its refined ladies’ collection with the Monte-Carlo name.


Elegant and stylish with its round and harmonious case, the Ronde de Monte-Carlo is a classical yet modern timepiece. Although very distinctive and feminine, the design safeguards Ateliers deMonaco’s identity, turning the watch into a timeless treasure.


The stunning model carries an in-house movement with 26 jewels and a hand-graved 22 carats gold rotor and a silicium escape wheel. The bridges are carefully decorated by hand by the manufacture’s skilful watchmakers. The sapphire case-back enables the finesse and sophistication of the movement’s details to be admired. The 18 carats rose or white gold case is brushed, polished, assembled by hand and carries 300 diamonds offering an everlasting shine. Finally, the mother-of-pearl on the dial stands as a token of the brand’s love for grace and exquisite details.

The Ronde de Monte-Carlo’s sophisticated outlook is enhanced by a hand-stitched alligator leather strap adorned by a 18k rose gold or white gold folding buckle.

This emblematic line from the manufacture welcomes five newcomers to the range, offering an option to suit any wishes. Should one be looking for a classical timepiece, the white mother-of-pearl dial model fitted in a rose or white gold case would make an ideal companion for any occasion. Otherwise, for a sporty-chic feel, one should try the blue mother-of-pearl timepiece, a lovely homage to the appealing waters boarding the French Riviera. Finally, should one prefer an elegant yet sparkling watch, then the Ronde de Monte-Carlo set with its 617 diamonds, would make the perfect match.

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Ateliers deMonaco introduce a unique piece : The new Tourbillon Ronde d’Or – Monaco 1966

On the occasion of the 74th Ateliers deMonaco has created the Tourbillon Ronde d’Or – De Monaco 1966. A unique piece which pays tribute to one of the most important and prestigious automobile events in the world and commemorates the 1966 race. Embodied in this exquisite piece of art, Ateliers deMonaco’s relentless pursuit of excellence is once again expressed though a subtle combination of craftsmanship and complex construction, representing an authentic technical prowess.

Doubtless the most striking aspect of this unique timepiece, catching and holding the gaze, is the beautiful multi-layer hand-engraved 18K white solid gold dial representing the poster of the 1966 de Monaco. It features the green BRM driven by Graham Hill chasing John Surtee’s red Ferrari. The scene is set in front of the renown Palace of Monaco. This Classic piece of automobilia captures the essence of the French Riviera

From years of practice, our master hand-engraver, Bernard Ditzof honed his skills, elevating himself to be one of the very few people in the world that can master such dexterity and method. Indeed, hand engraving is one of the most difficult and most complex work that can be performed on a movement, dial or case. Anyone who has ever watched a hand engraver at work understands the concentration and attention to detail necessary to create such a work of art. A single line must be repeatedly cut to create the correct depth for the engraving. This technique requires a great amount of focus and patience. Should the engraver make one small mistake, the whole piece has to be discarded – perfection is always sought and found.


The dial of the Tourbillon Ronde d’Or de Monaco 1966 required an extraordinary 200 hours of work as the engraver delicately wielded the burin to extract life, adding depth and volume to a flat gold surface using a low-relief technique. The hand engraving gives to this watch its own personal touch and makes it a one of a kind creation.

Fully respecting the aesthetics of Ateliers deMonaco, this watch is housed in an 18K white gold case of 44mm, a diameter which lets leash the creativity of the brand’s craftsmen. Through the sapphire case back, one can gaze upon the patented Tourbillon XP1 movement, with its comfortable 42-hour power reserve.

Embellished with 29-jewel and a hand-engraved 22 carats gold rotor, it runs at a rate of 28,800 beats per hour.

The Tourbillon XP1 provides remarkable technical performance and traditional watchmaking know-how with the sapphire tourbillon bridge.

The brown alligator leather strap with its 18K white gold folding buckle adds a touch of elegance, which endows this unique piece with its special allure.

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Baselworld 2016 Ateliers DeMonaco presents the Tourbillon Oculus 1297 in Titanium. A dazzling association of watchmaking tradition and high-tech innovation.

To truly appreciate the value of each passing instant, one must be able to measure it. True to technical excellence and aesthetic vision, Ateliers deMonaco presents for Baselworld a new exclusive version of its most emblematic model, the Tourbillon Oculus – a masterpiece of precision watchmaking.

The number 1297 of the Tourbillon Oculus pays a tribute to the ascent of the Grimaldi Family in the year 1297. When Francois Grimaldi seized the fortress of Monaco from a rival Italian faction. Disguised as a monk, he successfully led a small army into the fortress. The legacy of his daring victory is recorded on Monaco’s coat of arms, which bears two monks brandishing swords with the lozenge pattern in the middle. The iconic and distinctive form of Ateliers deMonaco.

Reinterpretation and high-innovation are the two words that governed the creation of the Tourbillon Oculus 1297. Characterized by its modern look, with its off-centered dial at 12 o’clock and its dial aperture with the tourbillon at 6 o’clock; this new timepiece is pure perfection.

Within the titanium case of 44mm, a fusion takes place between the technical mastery involved in producing watchmaking complications and the high aesthetic standards and virtuosity required in jewellery making. Indeed, the Tourbillon Oculus 1297 has a beautiful royal blue dial which has been embellished with relief lozenges.
This particular enhancement of the dial is made using a 5-axis laser machine, an advanced technology which firstly heats and secondly melts the material to sublime it.
The overall finish of the dial gives a voluptuous play of brilliance, which underlines the elegance of the Tourbillon Oculus 1297.


Inserted into the upper part of the dial, the hours and minutes counter is a lovely embodiment of classical codes featuring Roman numeral indexes and dauphine shaped hands. The Ateliers deMonaco watchmakers have thus achieved a seamless blend of classicism and modernity in a single watch – offering a timepiece with a highly contrasted and bold design.

Produced and assembled by the Ateliers deMonaco watchmakers in Geneva, the Tourbillon Oculus 1297 is powered by its own in-house patented Tourbillon XP1 movement, which drives the hours, minutes along with the small seconds. With an average tolerance between o-2 seconds per 24 hours this calibre is one of the most accurate tourbillon movement in the world today and bears witness to the Manufacture’s excellence.

The Tourbillon XP1 provides remarkable technical performance and traditional watchmaking know-how with the sapphire tourbillon bridge; the hand engraved 22 carat gold rotor and the silicium escape wheel and lever. The sapphire case back enables the finesse and sophistication of the details of the movement to be observed.

The royal blue alligator leather strap and the titanium-folding buckle add a unique lustre to this exceptional timepiece. The Tourbillon Oculus 1297 also comes with a grey dial fitted either in a rose gold or white gold case. Similar to every masterpiece, each model of the range is limited to only 88 pieces.

For more information, please visit our website or feel free to contact us directly.
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Ateliers deMonaco meets the strong defender Daniel Alves

Brilliant article from Life After Football of our timeless Tourbillon Oculus especially made for Dani Alves.

Life After Footbal website - 29 January 2016 - Netherland






Ateliers deMonaco created a unique timepiece for the FC Barcelona football player Daniel Alves


To honour an extraordinarily talented man, Ateliers deMonaco created a unique timepiece for the famous Brazilian football player Daniel Alves on the occasion of his nomination at the FIFA/FIFPro World XI Award 2015.

For many years now the exciting game of football has been the inspiration behind some of Haute Horlogerie most complicated and sophisticated timepieces. Playing for FC Barcelona since 2008, Daniel Alves became famous for being one of the best defenders in the world. He earned a place in the FIFA FIFPro World XI for 2015 during the ceremony of the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015, which took place in Zurich on January, 11th.

Both football player and watchmaker have in common the passion for precision and skill. Ateliers deMonaco admires these qualities in Daniel Alves as a sportsman. He embodies professionalism paired with vitality and team spirit. In honour of his talent and his great career, the independent high-end luxury watch brand Ateliers deMonaco have created a unique timepiece called the Tourbillon Oculus – Dani Alves.

This personalised timepiece was specially designed for Daniel Alves, who’s an enthusiastic person with a creative mind and an adventurous personality.

Handcrafted by our skilled watchmakers and dedicated to the highest level of precision, the Tourbillon Oculus is truly as artful as Daniel Alves is on the field. This watch is powered by its own in-house developed and patented Xtreme Precision Tourbillon movement. This calibre encapsulates a unique hybrid between craftsmanship and innovative technology, delivering one of the most accurate Tourbillon movements in the world today.

This movement is housed in an 18k rose gold case of 44mm that features a beautiful subdial in sapphire. The design of this unique timepiece is underlined by the wonderfully delicate “Côtes de Genève” decoration and the dial aperture at 6 o’clock that shows the hand engraved tourbillon cage held by a sapphire bridge. The case back of the Tourbillon Oculus enables the finesse and sophistication of the details of the movement to be observed, such as the perlage finishing and the hand engraved 22K gold rotor.

The Tourbillon Oculus is finished with a personalized hand-stitched alligator strap and is delivered in a very elegant custom-made box. It’s undeniable that this unique watch will remain a signature piece forever, just as unique as Daniel Alves.

About Ateliers deMonaco:

Ateliers deMonaco was founded in 2008 to permit the next generation of watchmakers create timepieces of exceptional quality, with the latest innovation and the rarest, most exquisite and robust materials; to go far beyond what was considered possible. Our dream is one of relentless reinvention and commitment to bring you the extraordinary. We do this not only by putting something truly exceptional on your wrist but also by ensuring your deMonaco timepiece is more than an object of desire, a true reflection of your individuality. What unites us with our clients is the belief that life is not only about luxury, but luxury sure is life!