“One of the most rewarding things in life is to create. Yet, even more aspiring is to create something that last beyond your own life – a legacy”.
Peter Stas, co-founder Ateliers deMonaco

From Monaco’s inspiration to the “Swiss Made” knighting

Thanks to its faithfulness to the noblest criteria of haute horlogerie as well as a passion for mechanical innovations, Ateliers deMonaco won its place amongst the rare and recognized independent watch manufactures.

Beyond the artistic vision of any new and original masterpiece, men and know-how are at the heart of the brand’s creations, each stamped with bienfacture and excellence.

Daring innovation is a constant quest but it should never be separated from an outstanding watchmaking savoir-faire.

From in-house mechanical movements to hand-crafted decorative components, evocative design features to chamfered and polished bridges, special engraving to sculpted skeleton dials through the appealing shape of a case, each element brilliantly showcases Ateliers deMonaco’s technical expertise and passion for haute horlogerie.

The hand finishing is “the added ingredient from the soul” which gives its uniqueness and signature to the creations. That’s why every individual Ateliers deMonaco timepiece is carefully polished, brushed and engraved by hand. In some cases the process can take over a 100 hours per watch.

The brand’s masterpieces feature unique artworks and always come in very limited and numbered editions. Among the numerous exclusive and iconic creations, Ateliers deMonaco had the honor to create a unique piece for H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Inspired by Princess Charlene of Monaco, La Sirène features a very refined and natural mother of pearl at the center of the dial, highlighting 48 lozenge shaped topaz stones set in a King Protea pattern, the flower of South Africa. And finally the Tourbillon – Grand Prix de Mai 1965 – inspired by the official poster of the 1965 Monaco Grand Prix.

From the Tourbillon to the Admiral Chronographe Flyback through the Poinçon de Genève, Ateliers deMonaco offers 6 exceptional mechanical ranges on top of a bespoke private collection.

Ateliers deMonaco is particularly proud to be the fifth brand bearing the demanding Geneva seal – a standard of excellence stemming from the tradition of haute horlogerie and rewarding high-end Geneva based watch brands.

As part of its dedication to haute horlogerie and Swiss Made excellence, the brand’s new headquarters are in Geneva, but its soul will always linger in the Riviera’s most beautiful jewel which has inspired its birth name: Monaco.

Heir of traditional high-end mastery. Visionary of technological virtuosity.

“We have always dreamt about making a mechanical watch movement which would be the most precise in the world and keep generations of scientists busy to figure out how we did it.”

Pim Koeslag – Master Watchmaker and Co-Founder

Since 2008, Ateliers deMonaco has placed great emphasis on the development of new complicated mechanical movements, such as its own tourbillon minute repeater which let the brand entered in a very exclusive group of watchmakers having the ability to design and manufacture such a complication in-house.

The manufacture has already been rewarded with 4 patents:

Perpetual calendar with “EaZy adjust” system

The Quantième Perpétuel collection is made with an in-house developed perpetual calendar with an “EaZy adjust” system allowing to set the time, date, day, week, month and (leap) year by just using de crown.

“eXtreme Precision 1 minute” tourbillon

The Tourbillon collection is made with an in-house developed “eXtreme Precision 1 minute” tourbillon, one of the most accurate tourbillon movements in the world.

Flyback chronograph with “direct return to zero” mechanism

A pending patent for the “direct return to zero” mechanism: the latter is unlike any other chronographs directly activated by the 4 o’clock pusher. Its flyback hammer is programmed to action and disengage the chronograph clutch wheel, engage the brake, and turn the chronograph’s second and minute wheel all at the same time.

Geneva seal with “Freebeat” regulation system

The patented “Freebeat” regulation system allows us to regulate the length of the hairspring with an adjustable crémaillère (straight bar with teeth on one edge, allowing it to be fixated at different length) obsoleting the need for the regulation pins and thus avoiding the interference.

Inspiration is just the beginning of creation and achievement. Watchmaking art is the expression of a passion for the finest details and the perfection of actions. That’s the reason why Ateliers deMonaco haute horlogerie vision and our commitment are henceforth embodied in a new brand signature, Noblesse Oblige…