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Business outlook for 2010

After closing out 2009 and having visibility over the first quarter of 2010, we can conclude that the business looks very strong. We are projected to sell as many watches in the first quarter of 2010 as in our launch year 2009, and we are only at the start of creating a global reach by the end of this calendar year and have high hopes that Baselworld will further catapult the brand into the world-stage. This is more than encouraging, as this allows us to let money flow back into the business to build the brand image and further invest in innovation. But, if we would have gotten $1 for all the advertising and sponsor requests that has hit our inbox, we would be rich by now!! Or said differently, there are many people that want to sell you something, yet only a few are able to help you achieve your goals or make a difference for you. And even the list of those people and activities that we believe are the right ones, is much longer than what we can afford.

So, how do we decide which one to thank for, and which once to consider?

We have been very strict in determining which key attributes are required for our brand to succeed in the market place. Any activity that helps achieve one or preferably a combination of these attributes, ranks higher on our priority list. The attributes are:
– Become rooted in Monaco: we want to be an integral part of the society we are part of. This as the inspiration for what we do as well as the social responsibility with which this comes;
– Build credibility in our watchmaking craftsmanship: we are working with some of the most talented people out of the industry, both within our own company as well as with the partners we have selected outside our company;
– Become the forbidden fruits for just a few: targeting, targeting, targeting…

Based on the above, we have been a proud participant in the Only Watch Auction to support the research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy, as well in GTE and Baselworld – the latter events clearly aimed at the watch ‘aficionado’. The hypothesis we have is that to become irresistible, we need to become the best kept secret of the luxury industry or a hidden treasure for people in the know. To achieve this, anything that smells mass is the kiss of death: exclusivity reigns and bespoke rules.

We’ll keep you updated what happens in Basel as of next week……

Ateliers deMonaco surprises the World of Luxury at the Millionaire Fair!

What a way to say goodbye to a turbulent year 2009! Ateliers deMonaco ended the year on a high note by being one of the star new entries at the Millionaire Fair, held in Amsterdam (Netherlands).


With this year’s edition opened by the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, the Millionaire Fair is known as the World’s Leading Luxury Fair. A place where the top of the international luxury industry meets to present their most beautiful and exclusive products and services (www.millionairefaire.com).


Ateliers deMonaco showed its iconic collection of the Carré d’Or and the Ronde d’Or in white and rose gold. For further technical specifications, see under ‘Collection’ on the website. A visitor, one of the many watch “addicts” on the fair, stated that he “had not yet seen a watch marrying luxury, art and precision so meticulously”.


“We love these events” stated Master Horloger Pim Koeslag as he proudly demonstrated his masterpieces to interested clients. “It gives us the unique opportunity to interact and discuss directly with our end-consumers”. “And it’s also a great source of inspiration and sometimes we even come back with completely ready baked ideas, but don’t tell anyone, otherwise they will start demanding a free time piece next time they talk to me” laughed the Master Horlogier.


Ateliers deMonaco would like to thank their Partners at Gassan diamonds, one of the worlds leading luxury retailers, for the support and opportunity given to them to showcase the watches to the real passionists…..

For further inquiries, please go to:

Gassan Diamonds B.V.
Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173 – 175
1011 LN Amsterdam
Netherlands – www.gassandiamonds.nl

+ 31 (0) 20 – 624 6084