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Since the beginning of this year, our retailer in Singapore E’COLLEZIONE, has enlarged and re-designed it’s boutique to launch a new to the world retail concept, where exclusive watch retailing has extend into adding total lifestyle solutions beyond time pieces. Next to carrying some of word’s most exclusive independent high end watch brands such as Ateliers deMonaco, it will feature other & un-expected lifestyle- and luxury-products on a rotating basis such as cars, art but also fine wines.

Entrance within Mandarin Gallry 

The honor for the first venture into this complete lifestyle retail solution was given to Lotus, which currently has a bright yellow Evora on display. But these are not for decoration, as all cars on display will be available for tests drives as well throughout the year.

inside the new Boutique

We wish Jeffrey and his team all the best best with their worldwide novelty. And for all those of you that love the concept of one-stop shopping, you now have an address in Singapore you should not miss!



333A Orchard Road

#01-14A Mandarin Gallery

Singapore 238897

Tel : +65 6737 3820


detail of Ateliers deMonaco’s square Minute Repeater


New re-designed Ronde d’Or

Since the introduction of our Ronde d’Or, we have noticed that the “attachment” of the strap triggered polarizing reactions. Although taste is subjective, we did not want to follow our initial thinking out of the window and started designing and experimenting with other prototypes. See the outcome in below picture. Personally, I believe the new one is better and makes the total overall look more balanced, but judge for yourself!

The Ronde d'Or with new attachments
The Ronde d’Or with new attachments

Reference: dMc-TB-RRR-GN
Movement: Patented XP 1 minute Tourbillon
Automatic bi-directional winding
Curved chamfered and hand guilloche decoration on bridges
Hand engraved bi-colored solid gold 18K rotor
Silicium escape wheel and lever
Alternations 28800 beats/hour (4 Hz)
Custom-made hand engraving on Tourbillon cage
Sapphire Tourbillon bridge
Functions: Hour, minutes, small seconds (6 o’clock)
Case: Diameter 43 MM
Height 13.1 MM
31 parts overall
Ultra light Titanium core
Curved shaped 18K gold side panels
Brushed, polished and assembled by hand
See through case back
Front and back sapphire crystal
Multi-layered anti-reflection coating on sapphire crystal
Hand engraved case back, secured with 4 gold screws
Water resistant up to 3 ATM
Dial: Titanium tinted dial
Deep Sunray pattern engraving base
deMonaco formed index markers on hour ring
Applied hour index ring6 O’clock tourbillon opening
Hands: 18K gold hands
Strap: Ateliers deMonaco personalized hand stitched alligator strap
18K gold folding buckle, adjustable folding clasp lock finished with curved chamfered edges engraved Ateliers deMonaco
Edition: Limited to 18 pieces

Business outlook for 2010

After closing out 2009 and having visibility over the first quarter of 2010, we can conclude that the business looks very strong. We are projected to sell as many watches in the first quarter of 2010 as in our launch year 2009, and we are only at the start of creating a global reach by the end of this calendar year and have high hopes that Baselworld will further catapult the brand into the world-stage. This is more than encouraging, as this allows us to let money flow back into the business to build the brand image and further invest in innovation. But, if we would have gotten $1 for all the advertising and sponsor requests that has hit our inbox, we would be rich by now!! Or said differently, there are many people that want to sell you something, yet only a few are able to help you achieve your goals or make a difference for you. And even the list of those people and activities that we believe are the right ones, is much longer than what we can afford.

So, how do we decide which one to thank for, and which once to consider?

We have been very strict in determining which key attributes are required for our brand to succeed in the market place. Any activity that helps achieve one or preferably a combination of these attributes, ranks higher on our priority list. The attributes are:
– Become rooted in Monaco: we want to be an integral part of the society we are part of. This as the inspiration for what we do as well as the social responsibility with which this comes;
– Build credibility in our watchmaking craftsmanship: we are working with some of the most talented people out of the industry, both within our own company as well as with the partners we have selected outside our company;
– Become the forbidden fruits for just a few: targeting, targeting, targeting…

Based on the above, we have been a proud participant in the Only Watch Auction to support the research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy, as well in GTE and Baselworld – the latter events clearly aimed at the watch ‘aficionado’. The hypothesis we have is that to become irresistible, we need to become the best kept secret of the luxury industry or a hidden treasure for people in the know. To achieve this, anything that smells mass is the kiss of death: exclusivity reigns and bespoke rules.

We’ll keep you updated what happens in Basel as of next week……

New Milestone Ateliers deMonaco

Monaco, February 2010

The way to overcome an economic crisis is to do the counter intuitive: Innovate more, bigger and faster. With this in mind, it is our pleasure informing you about a new and exciting development for our brand, the finalization of our own in-house developed and manufactured Tourbillon Minute Repeater: The Carré d’Or Squelette – TB-RM1. With this latest invention, Ateliers deMonaco joins a very exclusive group of only a few watch makers in the world that have the ability to design and manufacture such a complication in-house.

Carré d’Or Squelette - TB-RM1
Carré d’Or Squelette – TB-RM1

Some special features of this exceptional time piece are:
– The dial is an hand cut open dial (skeleton), enabling you to look directly onto the movement.
– The movement is hand engraved with every sunbeam of the pattern carved into the movement by hand, one at a time; Each sunbeam represents 1 minute. Hand engraving 1 sunbeam stripe takes about 15 minutes, making the total engraving task adding up to almost 1000 minutes for each individual movement!
– The movement is our own in-house developed and patented ultra precise Grand Tourbillon XP-1 tourbillon.
– The Grand Tourbillon is floating behind the sapphire bridge with double anti reflexion coating on the front and a hand mirror polished bridge on the back.
– The back has the unique 3 dimensional deMonaco engraving, a signature trademark of the brand;
– Speed regulation of minute repeater with 18K gold weights to minimize access sound.
– The highly complicated case construction (55 components ) with the activation mechanism is fully hidden in de 18K gold side panel.
– One of the few, if not the only, waterer resistant square minute repeater case in the world.
– Lastly, it is made in a limited edition of only 8 pieces worldwide.

Close up - Carré d’Or Squelette - TB-RM1
Close up – Carré d’Or Squelette – TB-RM1

The watch comes in a special case that is designed as a resonance box. The wood chosen is curly maple, often used for exclusive musical instruments like Stradivarius violins due to the deep sound it can produce as well as beautiful pattern. The base plate exists of 2 parts “bookmatch”, which means it was originally one piece of wood, that is cut apart like opening a book. As a consequence, you have almost perfect mirroring patterns aiding visual depth and light reflection.

The watch will be officially presented to the public during Baseworld in March and Top Marques luxury show in Monaco in April.

And it is creating already some good buzz and excitement with the on-line community. have a look at: an on-line magazine well worth tracking!!

In case you did not know, you can down-load High Res photo’s from the press corner on our website!

Iconic back side Carré d’Or Squelette - TB-RM1
Iconic back side Carré d’Or Squelette – TB-RM1

Where to buy?

We have opened up our first 2 points of sale, in excellent locations.

The first in the middle of Hotel de Paris in the heart of Monte-carlo, next to the world famous Monte-Carlo Casino. And having as a neighbour the 3-star Michelin restaurant Louis XV from Chef Alain Ducasse makes a trip even more worthwhile!


Hotel de Paris
Palais du Casino
principality of Monaco
Tel: +377
The second point of sale is very similar, yet located in the also beautiful harbor village in Porto Cervo on Sardinia, Italy.
Porto Cervo
Tel.: +39 0789.93.11.11

Inspiration & Unique features – 2

2) Sapphire bridge – The sapphire bridge originated from the idea to mimic the floating feel of the rock of Monaco. To create this effect, we needed to produce a transparent bridge. As we found, current manufacturing technologies are not equipped to easily produce such small and precise parts out of sapphire. After a lengthy process in which we broke a considerable amount of glass, we landed on a laser cutting technology that could allow the precision as well as the finishing we were looking for. Finished with a special multiple layer double sided anti reflection coating to reduce light reflection and maximize the transparent feel, we are excited by the unique end result.




For the production of the Sapphire tourbillon bridge, we joined forces with Sébastien Sangsue of Sebal S.A., a specialist manufacturer of sapphire and mineral glasses in Boécourt, Switzerland.


Work in progress

Here are some first images of the prototype Carre d’Or. Please note that all parts that are in gold color now will be decorated by hand and be rhodium plated (silver color). Many parts are now being decorated by hand, giving the final touch and completely changing the appearance of the dMc timepieces. Such decoration aims for perfection and improves further the accuracy of the caliber because all edges and surfaces are polished and adjusted.