New Milestone Ateliers deMonaco

Monaco, February 2010

The way to overcome an economic crisis is to do the counter intuitive: Innovate more, bigger and faster. With this in mind, it is our pleasure informing you about a new and exciting development for our brand, the finalization of our own in-house developed and manufactured Tourbillon Minute Repeater: The Carré d’Or Squelette – TB-RM1. With this latest invention, Ateliers deMonaco joins a very exclusive group of only a few watch makers in the world that have the ability to design and manufacture such a complication in-house.

Carré d’Or Squelette - TB-RM1
Carré d’Or Squelette – TB-RM1

Some special features of this exceptional time piece are:
– The dial is an hand cut open dial (skeleton), enabling you to look directly onto the movement.
– The movement is hand engraved with every sunbeam of the pattern carved into the movement by hand, one at a time; Each sunbeam represents 1 minute. Hand engraving 1 sunbeam stripe takes about 15 minutes, making the total engraving task adding up to almost 1000 minutes for each individual movement!
– The movement is our own in-house developed and patented ultra precise Grand Tourbillon XP-1 tourbillon.
– The Grand Tourbillon is floating behind the sapphire bridge with double anti reflexion coating on the front and a hand mirror polished bridge on the back.
– The back has the unique 3 dimensional deMonaco engraving, a signature trademark of the brand;
– Speed regulation of minute repeater with 18K gold weights to minimize access sound.
– The highly complicated case construction (55 components ) with the activation mechanism is fully hidden in de 18K gold side panel.
– One of the few, if not the only, waterer resistant square minute repeater case in the world.
– Lastly, it is made in a limited edition of only 8 pieces worldwide.

Close up - Carré d’Or Squelette - TB-RM1
Close up – Carré d’Or Squelette – TB-RM1

The watch comes in a special case that is designed as a resonance box. The wood chosen is curly maple, often used for exclusive musical instruments like Stradivarius violins due to the deep sound it can produce as well as beautiful pattern. The base plate exists of 2 parts “bookmatch”, which means it was originally one piece of wood, that is cut apart like opening a book. As a consequence, you have almost perfect mirroring patterns aiding visual depth and light reflection.

The watch will be officially presented to the public during Baseworld in March and Top Marques luxury show in Monaco in April.

And it is creating already some good buzz and excitement with the on-line community. have a look at: an on-line magazine well worth tracking!!

In case you did not know, you can down-load High Res photo’s from the press corner on our website!

Iconic back side Carré d’Or Squelette - TB-RM1
Iconic back side Carré d’Or Squelette – TB-RM1