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The flyback function first appeared in 1936 and since then has become a favourite amongst pilots and sportsmen alike. Incredibly useful when timing short and fast races, the function allows its user to save valuable time while timing an event. By pressing the flyback pusher once, the timing stops at the first interval and resets […]

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Nowadays watches are more than mere time-givers, they can also be a luxurious piece of jewellery and most of all, a day-to-day accessory. A watch can say a lot about its wearer – feminine, elegant or sporty, the object can give a subtle insight into the lifestyle and taste of the lady carrying it around […]

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On the occasion of the 74th Grand Prix de Monaco, Ateliers deMonaco has created the Tourbillon Ronde d’Or – Grand Prix de Monaco 1966. A unique piece which pays tribute to one of the most important and prestigious automobile events in the world and commemorates the 1966 race. Embodied in this exquisite piece of art, […]

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To truly appreciate the value of each passing instant, one must be able to measure it. True to technical excellence and aesthetic vision, Ateliers deMonaco presents for Baselworld a new exclusive version of its most emblematic model, the Tourbillon Oculus – a masterpiece of precision watchmaking. The number 1297 of the Tourbillon Oculus pays a […]